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San Diego Neon Neighborhood Signs

San Diego has some awesome neon signs representing┬áa lot of the different neighborhoods and cities in the county, so I decided to make it a project to take photos of all of them. I THINK I have them all, but if any of you know of something I missed, let me know! It was fun seeking out the ones that I hadn’t been by before, but most of them I had already seen in my adventures throughout the city. Most of them are pretty old and have been restored, so it’s fun to see a bit of history around the city. I’m also working on actually exploring all of these neighborhoods, and eventually hope to get photos of each area. If any of you have been to/live in San Diego, what are your favorite neighborhoods/areas?

Next I have to redo them all at night, when they’re lit up! ­čÖé P.S. These are all available for purchase as prints, on canvas, etc. Just send me a message!

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Barrio Logan

So I decided that I was going to go to each neighborhood in San Diego, and take photos of everything that looked cool. ┬áI made it through one neighborhood so far (and it was the easiest one on the list), with the exception of La Jolla, which I have been working on slowly. ┬áAt least I finally edited the photos though, right? ┬áBarrio Logan is an interesting neighborhood, and I haven’t been here long enough to really know much about it. ┬áI don’t want to say much for fear of being wrong about anything, but it seems to have a thriving art community. ┬áIt also has (as you can quite obviously see) TONS of murals, which I love. ┬áIt’s quite beautiful, although the neighborhood still looks pretty poor. ┬áIt’s an interesting contrast, but I love all the character it has. ┬áI also love all the effort “they” (whoever “they” are) are putting into it. ┬áIt will be interesting to see the future of Barrio Logan.

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